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How to build a capsule wardrobe in 2022

We're sharing our tried and true tips for building a minimal and timeless capsule wardrobe you'll love!

A black and white photo shows a minimal clothing rack with clean white hangers and a plant in the background. It is a very minimalistic wardrobe photo.

How many times have you looked at the mountain of clothes in your closet and said to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”

We get it.

Have you ever considered that maybe it’s not that you have nothing, but possibly too much? Getting ready may be easier than you think, with the help of a capsule wardrobe. While many of us associate a capsule wardrobe with a minimal lifestyle, it definitely doesn’t have to be boring!


A capsule wardrobe is a selection of garments that can be worn interchangeably, and will effortlessly build a variety of outfits using a limited amount of items. Often these garments are higher quality pieces that won’t go out of style, so you’ll have them forever. We recommend having around 30 garments in your capsule wardrobe, so you have lots of options without the clutter.

You may still be wondering why anyone would choose to have fewer outfit options, but that’s not actually the case. Let’s take a look at some of the perks that come with a capsule wardrobe.

A woman in a black linen slip dress looks back at herself into a full length mirror. She is standing in her bedroom, with a beautiful persian rug on the floor, and her office desk behind her. The walls are minimal and white, and there are large plants in the background.

Save Time & Energy Coming back to the statement, “I have nothing to wear”, it's probably not that you have nothing to wear, but maybe you can't see the options for all the clutter. The average person makes 35,000 decisions a day. Why not take some of the stress out of your day by eliminating minor decisions, like what to have for breakfast, or what to wear. Streamlining these choices with a morning routine will save you so much time, energy, and frustration. Reduce Waste It’s time to start thinking about clothing as an investment. Purchasing a higher quality item may have a higher upfront cost, but it's important to think about the long term advantages. The quality is guaranteed to be more durable, and the longer the piece lasts, the less often you’ll need to replace it. This is a really interesting article discussing the logic behind cost per wear.

Fewer Chores A curated wardrobe also eliminates the possibility of an overflowing laundry hamper. Ahhh.. what a refreshing feeling. Speaking of overflowing– packing for a trip just got a whole lot easier. So long are the days of sitting on your suitcase to close the last couple inches of the zipper. You’ll be able to pack less because your clothing is more versatile. Spend less time getting dressed, and more time drinking margaritas on the beach!

More Sustainable With climate change being such an important issue these days, a capsule wardrobe allows you to express yourself in a much more sustainable way. Every piece in your closet can easily be mixed and matched, meaning nothing goes to waste, or ends up in landfills. Did you know that globally, fast fashion produces 92 million tons of textile waste every year. To put that into perspective, that’s equal to a garbage truck full of clothing dumped into landfills every second.

In short, a capsule wardrobe will not only elevate your style, but also make your life so much easier, in so many ways.


Are you ready to build your own capsule wardrobe? Follow these 4 steps to transform your closet from chaos to clarity. Before we begin, let’s take a look at what your end goal may look like. Here's what we recommend starting with, but of course you can tailor this based on your lifestyle, your work, and the climate you live in.

• 3 basic tees • 2 tank tops • 3 shirts • 2 sweaters + 1 cardigan • 4 bottoms (1 dressy pant, 2 jeans - dark/black + light, 1 skirt) • 1 pair of shorts • 1 jumpsuit • 2 dresses • 2 mid-weight jackets (+1 blazer) • 3 pairs of shoes (1 sneaker, 1 boot, 1 heel)

Keeping this in mind, let’s jump right in!

A cropped image of a clothing rack sits against a plain white wall. There are lots of neutral warm colours, and the clothing has a variety of textures - from chunky wool knits to silky blouses. The colours range from warm rust to neutral to olive tones.

1. What do you already have? Take some time to assess your current wardrobe. Ask yourself the following questions:

What items am I reaching for most?

Is there anything I haven’t touched in over a year?

Does an item need repairing, and am I willing to invest the time or money to repair it? This is your opportunity to begin decluttering. Start by setting aside the items that no longer fit you or suit your taste. Chances are, if you haven’t worn something in the last 30 days, you probably aren’t going to want it in your capsule wardrobe. It’s time for these items to move on to their next home. Donating to a local thrift store or selling on websites such as Poshmark or Vestaire, are great ways to make sure these garments don’t end up in landfills.

2. Plan your wardrobe This is the fun part because there are no rules! Take a look at the items you have kept thus far and consider what works best for you, keeping in mind silhouettes, colours, and styles. This is where you can begin to narrow down what items you’d like to see in your capsule. Remember, this is your wardrobe, so pick pieces that feel true to you! It’s also important to think about the fabric of the garments you choose - natural fibres like cotton, linen, and wool will last longer, and won’t release microplastics when you wash them. Synthetic fibres like nylon, acrylic and polyester generally won’t last more than a couple seasons, so keep this in mind when selecting your garments!

A woman's manicured hand reaches for a hanger off a clothing rack in her capsule closet. The image is cropped quite close, and the white garments are hanging on clean black wooden hangers.

3. Begin your selection Get to work! It’s always better to start with what you have, and build from there. A structure is only as strong as its base, and the same principle applies to fashion. Creating a solid foundation of staples allows for plenty of opportunities. Your capsule wardrobe should consist of a few timeless staple pieces, as well as a few basics for layering. When building a capsule closet, versatility is your best friend. You want to select pieces that can easily be dressed up or down, and you should feel comfortable and confident in everything you choose. Don’t worry about what’s trendy right now, and instead try to focus more on what makes you feel confident! Another important aspect to consider is colour. Keeping your closet limited to a few colours ensures that items will be more likely to match and work well together. With that being said, don’t be afraid to try different shades, textures or even incorporate a print!

4. Are you missing anything? You’re coming to the end now, but maybe you feel as though a couple more pieces could elevate your capsule to be more versatile. In order to stay focused while shopping, go in with a plan. Know exactly what you’re looking for. This will ensure that what you’re purchasing will align with your wardrobe, and it won’t just be one more thing sitting in your closet with the tags still on. Here are some sustainable recommendations for picking up those last few missing pieces. • Thrifting • Clothing swap • Support small sustainable brands

Intentionality has been at the forefront of every decision you’ve made thus far, so continue that trend when making your purchase. Look at you go! Four steps later and you’ve got yourself a beautiful capsule wardrobe that's going to save you so much time and help you feel amazing in your clothes!

An Asian woman lounges on a white bed while wearing a rose coloured slip dress and reading a book. She looks very comfy and relaxed, and the light from the nearby window is streaming into the room. There are two plants on the shelf behind her, as well as a bookcase and a black and white artwork. She looks calm and happy.

New year, new intentions, new wardrobe. Sounds like a pretty great way to enter 2022!

Following these steps not only ensures an elevated and cohesive closet, but one you are also ethically proud of. Together we can build a more sustainable fashion future, one capsule wardrobe at a time.


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