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two brunette women in linen outfits relax on a beach, with a forest in the background. One woman is tying the other woman's hair into a ponytail with a large white linen scrunchie. Both women are wearing linen crop tops, and the photo is edited to look very dreamy. The matching linen outfits are the main focus.

Our Story

Our brand story started in August 2020 as a response to the massive amounts of single-use waste that resulted from the pandemic. It seemed that our city was littered with single-use masks, and we knew there had to be a solution.


Armed with a background in Fashion Design, we set out on a mission to make reusable cotton masks that were cute, comfortable, and good for the planet.

Fast forward a few months, when we released our first ever clothing collection using exclusively deadstock linen. It had always been a dream of ours to start our own label, and we finally decided to take the leap and make that dream a reality in Spring 2021.

For us, it was never just about designing beautiful clothing. It was about merging our passion for design with the desire to leave a positive impact on the planet, while creating unique and effortlessly chic garments that will last a lifetime.

We're so grateful to have you on this journey with us, and we are looking forward to all the incredible things to come.

Our Founder


For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a designer. I designed my very first clothing collection as part of a school project in the fourth grade, and I've never looked back. 

After graduating from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Design, I began working for a Canadian fashion brand, which at the time felt very exciting and glamorous. But I soon came to realize just how harmful the fast fashion industry could be, and I wasn't sure it was the right fit for me. My work didn't feel aligned with my values, so I began to think about how I could pursue my dreams while still staying true to myself.

Now, I'm more aware than ever of the negative impact of fast fashion on our environment. Through my own journey to living a more minimal and sustainable lifestyle, and I found a way to use my skills to make a positive difference, without leaving the world of fashion.


I started this brand as a passion project during the pandemic, and it has grown into something bigger than I ever could have imagined. My goal has always been to make women feel as good about the clothes as they do in them, which is why Sustainability and Community are two of our core values. 

Thank you for choosing to shop sustainably, and for allowing me to chase my dream.

With love,

Brodie x

our founder sits at a table with a large wall of windows behind her, in which you can see the reflections of the nearby palm trees. She is wearing a relaxed outfit - a white tshirt and classic denim shorts. She is wearing minimal gold jewelry, and has a white manicure.
we have saved 65 metres of deadstock linen fabric from ending up in landfills. One of our core goals is to upcycle unwanted textiles.

Saved 216 metres of deadstock fabric from ending up in landfills

Our Impact

thanks to our partnership with plastic oceans canada, we have cleaned up plastic pollution along 19km of canadian beaches. the microplastic issue is an important one to tackle, and we do what we can to help.

Cleaned up plastic pollution along 41km of Canadian shorelines

in trying to be zero waste, we upcycle all of our fabric scraps into beautiful handmade paper, thanks to our partnership with a small luxury paper mill in canada.

Upcycled 169 lbs of fabric scraps into handmade paper & toy stuffing

4. Community

Community and the environment are central to everything we do here at Gotcha Covered. In a time when so many people are struggling, and the Earth is nearly at it’s breaking point, we feel that it is so important to use our platform to do some good! We are proud to say that 2% percent of all proceeds are donated to eco efforts. Our 2021 donations have gone to Plastic Oceans Canada, which has helped clean up plastic pollution along 10km of Canadian shoreline! Follow us @gotcha__covered to keep up to date with our charity initiatives! Every purchase makes a difference, and we are so grateful for your support!

Rolling green fields disappear into the distance, with grey overcast and misty skies above.  OUR VALUES is written on top of the image in white text, and we discuss our 4 values of community, sustainability, innovation and integrity.

Our Values


Sustainability is one of our core values, and we are constantly striving to improve our internal practices, packaging, and designs to be less harmful to the environment and the people involved in our processes. We are committed to making every business decision with sustainability in mind, because we owe it to ourselves and the planet. To us, sustainability isn’t just a trending word, it’s a wholesome approach to a more mindful and minimal lifestyle. Read more about our Sustainability Promise here.


Modern Sunday was born out of innovation, and we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our products to better meet your needs. Whether that means tweaking our fits, adding new styles, or sourcing unique new fabrics, we always have you in mind - and that won’t ever change. If you have any ideas, or things you’d love to see from us in the future, drop us a message, we love hearing what you think!


Integrity to us means that we hold our partners and suppliers to the highest standards in terms of how they treat their employees and the environment. It is important to us that they share our values and are actively trying to reduce their impact on the environment while also making the highest quality items using ethical practices. We have strong beliefs about how the world should operate, and we take the integrity of our decisions very seriously.


It's no secret that the Earth is nearly at it’s breaking point. Giving back has been intrinsic to our brand DNA since the beginning. We proudly donate 2% of all proceeds to eco efforts in Canada. Throughout 2021, we partnered with Plastic Oceans Canada to help clean up plastic pollution along Canadian shorelines. Every purchase makes a difference, and we are so grateful for your support!

Our Vision

Modern Sunday was built from our vision for a better future.


A future with less waste, with fair pay and equal rights for garment workers, and with respect for the land and our finite natural resources.

For too long, the fast fashion industry has led us to be so out of touch with our environment, that we rarely question why that t-shirt is only five dollars. Someone, somewhere, is paying the price for that cheap garment.

We believe in putting the humanity back in fashion. We believe that you have the right to know who made your clothes, and where they were made. You deserve to have the option to shop your values, without compromising your style.

We believe that a sustainable fashion future is not out of reach. Through conscious consumption, reconnecting with our clothing, and asking 'why' before we buy, we can slowly move toward a more mindful approach to fashion.

So together, let's get back to slow fashion. Let's put an emphasis on the value of craftsmanship, and the joy of building a small, curated wardrobe of pieces you truly love. Let's invest in fewer, better quality pieces that will last a lifetime. And let's put an end to the expectation of same day shipping – after all, we're only humans.

We are on a mission to leave the planet better than we found it, and by voting with your dollars, you can help us achieve this goal.

women's linen top, bell sleeve wrap top with ties, white linen outfit for summer, made in toronto
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