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a woman stands in shallow ocean water while a wave crashes onto the sand. She is wearing wide leg linen pants in a white and green plaid pattern. She also has an oversized white linen shirt, and holding a matching linen sun hat bucket hat


Here For a Good Time,
And a Long Time

Working sustainability into our entire design process, from start to finish, was non-negotiable for us. As a proudly sustainable brand, we are committed to creating versatile and thoughtfully designed items that will last for years to come, in terms of both style and quality. We only work with premium natural fibres that just get better with age, ensuring more time in your closet and less time in landfills. Let us grow with you.

women's linen top, bell sleeve wrap top with ties, white linen outfit for summer, made in toronto
All of our linen garments are ethically made to order in our toronto design studio. By using local production and skilled artisans, we can ensure the highest quality garments that will surely become staples in your capsule wardrobe

Local is Better

Every Modern Sunday garment is designed by our founder Brodie, and hand made to order in Toronto by our lovely head seamstress Alexis, who is paid a living wage. By keeping our production local, we ensure that nothing will ever be sent out which doesn’t meet our extremely  high quality standards. Our decision to operate on a made-to-order basis allows us to avoid having excess stock which often ends up in landfills. Our goal is to promote thoughtful consumption, and we encourage you to only purchase items that you truly love, and will keep forever. We take our time, and make the highest quality handmade items that will be with you for years to come. We promise to never outsource production to large factories unless they meet our strict sustainability and ethical standards, and have certifications to prove it.

Reduce, Recycle, Repeat

Packaging is an important part of sustainability that often gets overlooked. When selecting our packaging, we knew we had to use eco-friendly materials, which is why all of our envelopes, boxes and thank you cards are made from 100% recycled material, with at least 50% Post Consumer Content. It was also important for us to minimize just how much 'extra stuff' we include with each order, which is why we include just one simple note– just a little hello and thank you. We are also proud to be plastic-free, and promise to keep it that way forever.

we use entirely sustainable packaging - all our mailers and boxes are 100% recycled material, and we encourage you to properly dispose of the shipping materials when you're done with them. Reduce, rewear, and recycle.
a few rolls of linen fabric lay against a wall. the colours are earthy and neutral, and help explain our committment to using 100% natural fabrics, which are locally sourced and biodegradable. Let's avoid microplastics by using only natural fabrics like linen, cotton and wool.

Au Naturel

All of our clothing is made from the highest quality 100% locally sourced linen, which is either deadstock or OEKO-Tex certified. Having this certification means that it is free from 1000 of the most toxic chemicals, often used in the finishing and dyeing of fabrics. We knew we couldn’t really call ourselves a sustainable brand if we were using fabrics that had a deeply negative impact on the environment. We will always proudly share where our fabrics come from, and the environmental impact they have. After all, we believe you deserve to know how your clothes are made!

Aiming for Zero

We are working hard to reduce our waste in every way possible. Production does create a fair bit of waste, but we are pleased to say that we have saved 169 lbs of fabric scraps to date, which we donate to charities that turn them into handmade paper, toy stuffing, etc. Although we always try to utilize as much of the fabric as possible, it's impossible to avoid scraps, and we think is the perfect solution.


We also value working with deadstock fabrics, not only because they are so beautifully unique, but because they help save fabrics from ending up in landfills. So far we have upcycled 216 metres of fabric into gorgeous new pieces.

we are trying to be as sustainable as possible, which is why we upcycle all our fabric scraps into handmade paper. Everything deserves a second, or third, chance!
there are so many benefits to air drying your clothes. This image shows some linen shirts hanging to dry outside on a beach. By air drying, you are preventing the fabrics from being damaged, and saving so much money on energy bills

Take Care

It's no secret that the better you care for your clothes, the longer they'll last. To make the most out of your linen pieces, we recommend hand washing, or gentle machine washing, in cool water with a mild detergent. Hang to dry, and then give them a quick steam to get out any unwanted wrinkles– although that lived-in linen look is just so dreamy.


Air drying your laundry is a huge win for both your clothes and the planet. Not only does the heat from the dryer destroy the fibres of your clothing, it also uses a ton of energy. Did you know that air drying your clothes for just 6 months a year would save 700 lbs of C02 from entering our atmosphere? That's almost the same as driving from Vancouver to San Francisco! So, do the planet (and your wardrobe) a favour, and hang with us.

Pay it forward

It has always been important for us to consider our impact on the planet at every stage of our business. That's why we proudly donate 2% of all proceeds to support our community where it's needed most. Some of the organizations we've donated to in the past include: Plastic Oceans Canada, Black Lives Matter, The Indian Residential School Survivors Society, and The Veteran's Transition Network. Every order makes a real difference!

we proudly donate 2% of all proceeds to eco efforts in canada. our biggest charity partnership has been with plastic oceans canada to help clean up and protect canadian shorelines from plastic pollution.
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